Have you lost a pet, or perhaps found one? This page is designed to give you the resources you need to get them back to where they belong or get you reunited with your pet.

Your pet is lost

Having a lost pet can be extremely stressful. We would encourage you to call the Morden Veterinary Clinic during business hours at 204-822-4333 to report on its details; age, breed, location, other identifiers and your contact information. Morden Veterinary Clinic has a log of lost pets in our area and will contact you if your pet ends up in the pound or if the public calls with an animal matching the description.

Furthermore, we would encourage talking with neighbours so that they can help to keep their eyes peeled for your lost loved one. There are many local websites and pages dedicated to lost pets in our area – it is amazing how quickly social media can reunite lost pets.

You’ve found a pet

Always use caution when approaching animals that are not your own.  If you are able to safely handle it, if possible, relocate it to a safe and secure location to check for identification. This may be a tattoo in the ear or flank or a tag on the collar.  Occasionally the owner information will be on the tag, allowing you to contact the owner.  If they have a Rabies tag, please phone the Veterinary Clinic on the tag during their business hours. They are able to trace them by the number engraved. If there is no identification or you are unable to read the tattoo or trace the tag, please contact the closest respective City or Rm office for further instructions so that arrangements can be made for the animal to be taken to the pound, where he will be safe until his/her owner comes to reclaim them.  Again, this is best done during office hours. 

The Morden and Area Community Pound only accepts animals from the City of Winkler, City of Morden, RM of Stanley and RM of Thompson. Before a pet can be admitted into the pound, you must contact the closest City or RM office during their business hours.

If you are unable to catch or handle the animal, please call your RM or City Office as an animal control officer may be available to assist.

  • City of Morden – By-law officer/animal control – Rick Paracholski   204-822-2562
  • City of Winkler – Animal Control – Wes Hiebert – 204-362-0480


Losing your pet is something that we all hope never happens, but accidents do happen.  Here are some tips to ensure that your pet is returned to you quickly and safely.

  • Give your pet permanent forms of identification as well as keeping this information updated if you move or change clinics or locations is #1
    • Microchips can be done at any age and to most types of pets. They are recognized world-wide 
    • When pets are spayed or neutered, most clinics offer a complimentary tattoo. This is a permanent form of identification that is put in their right ear and the number is specific for your pet and your information.
  • Make sure they are wearing their collar (bright or reflective for at night) with a tag.  If wearing a tag, consider upgrading to a stronger metal ring (commonly found at local hardware stores) as often the provided rings are weak and may fall off. Make sure the tag is specific to your pet and your address. For example, Rabies tags that are linked to other pets may make it more challenging to trace.  Most pet stores and our local, Pembina Valley Humane Society, will also make you a custom tag with your name and phone number.
  • Have a current picture, there are many dogs that look similar but having a picture we can pick out distinct markings.
  • Both cities Morden and Winkler require dog licensing, for more information please contact your city office. Morden city tags can also be purchased from the Pembina Valley Humane Society with all proceeds going to the shelter.